*making a pillowcase apron*

This will be ‘in a nutshell’ for now ! :  Cut along 2 seams of pillowcase: along length of pillowcase then  turning the corner with your scissors continue cutting along short side seam.  Open up fabric. Trim around raw edges to remove old thread and attatched pieces of fabric.  Since the bottom of apron panel is already hemmed now hem sides.  Pin peats into top of panel.  Make waistband using double fold tape method.  Sew waistband onto top so that waistband is 1″ wider on each end.   Make two ties 30 ” long.  Sew the length of each tie finishing  one end of each tie also. Place unfinished end of each tie into sides of waistband while enclosing the raw endges of the ends of the waistbad with it. Sew ties into ends of waitband. I will come back and edit this tutorial when i finish the other 10 aprons I am in the middle of making !




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4 responses to “*making a pillowcase apron*

  1. I love this! What a great idea!

  2. monsieurcardinale


  3. D

    I had those sheets on my bed when I was a teenager. Classic 1970-1976 sheets.

  4. monsieurcardinale

    thanks for the info !

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