thinking about sales displays

i made my sales tags this weekend.   i pinned them on and laid them out to see how it will all look at the sale.  displaying a lot of aprons on a table  is not easy, it would be so much better if i could hang them up …



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6 responses to “thinking about sales displays

  1. Cute aprons! Can you somehow hang them from a clothesline-like display?

    • monsieurcardinale

      i did think of that- but i don’t have enough space as far as i know – since it’s at the host’s residence (which i’ve never been inside). i’ll have to take a picture of my “booth” to show how it turned out !

  2. ash

    How pretty! Love the tags. I think the aprons actually look nice laid out like that with the different fabrics overlapping…kind of like when you go in a fabric store and see the different colors and designs all cozied up together? Hope you make many sales!

  3. monsieurcardinale

    Thanks for the encouragement !

  4. I just did a post about preparing for a Vintage Holiday Market but I wished I had something as fancy as those gorgeous tags. They are lovely, as are the beautiful, beautiful aprons.

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