used book sale and a Giveaway

I found these at a used book sale yesterday.  One of the books I found was Gnomes by  Rien Poortvliet and Wil Huygen ( 1979 edition).   It has  endless illustrations of gnomes.  If you would like to win this book and you live in the continental U.S. please leave a comment by Dec. 1st 5pm e.s.t.



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2 responses to “used book sale and a Giveaway

  1. ash

    This book looks really neat! Do you think a four (almost 5) year old would enjoy it also?

    Your wreath looks really nice…makes me inspired to get out and investigate the bushes around our house – there are LOTS and they’re taller than the windows in most places : ) So I’d say there’s some potential there…

    • monsieurcardinale

      I would say it is geared toward adults since it has a few illustrations of half naked gnomes-those wacky people in the 70’s i guess ! but you could tear those out i suppose .. the back cover says “this book is about the life and times of gnomes – history, legends, housebulding, clothing, courtship and marriage, physiology, how they tell time” etc etc … e-mail me your address if you would like this book ! 🙂 have a great day !

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